Armstrong County, Texas - Encourages Excellence in  Advanced Educational Opportunities.Visit and find your college or university of choice online today!

Armstrong County, Texas Educational Opportunities are Awesome!


    Armstrong County, Texas is located within thirty minutes of two educational centers of higher learning.  Amarillo College in Amarillo, Texas and West Texas A&M University located in Canyon, Texas.


   Top left portals are provided to each of these state of the art educational institutions.  Visit and listen to Amarillo College's podcasts online.

  Tour West Texas A&M University state of the art website, along with their online radio broadcasts.

  Click here to listen to West Texas A&M University's online radio.


University of Texas at Tyler
Texas A&M University College Station
Wylie College 

People that have graduated from college earn an average of 98% more income than people who did not complete college.  People who have completed a master's degree earn 170% more.  This gap is widening.

(Source: US Department of Commerce)


The State  of Texas is blessed with many excellent universities and colleges. Our listings of colleges and universities are not complete,  however our goal is solely to interest and inform those considering a choice for their advanced education.

Picture left Statue of Sam Houston on I 45 at Huntsville, Texas.



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